Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Local One IATSE Strike vs. the Writers Guild Strike

Is it just me that has noticed a huge difference in the current entertainment industry strikes? The Writers Guild membership has clearly laid out their demands for all the public to see. No matter what the PR spin is, the writers are clearly stating they want more residuals on DVD sales and to negotiate a decent royalty rate on new media (see my earlier post to watch their video on youtube). They have put their proposal out in the open to be seen by the public. From what I can tell, the writers have presented a pretty good case and the public is supporting them because of their outreach. It is pretty hard to think that asking for an additional 4 cents per DVD sale is unheard of or selfish, or that the writers should share in new media use of their work.

However, with Local One IATSE, I just don't know what they are fighting for. They have remained quiet in getting their cause out there so the public cannot get behind them. All they will say is that management is trying to reduce their jobs and wages by 38%. See their site for their quote. If indeed this is the case, why are they not getting that message out there? How is management trying to reduce their wages and jobs? Without the specifics, all I can think of is how IATSE once had a rule that management had to hire one stage hand to raise and lower the curtain. That person could not do any other job. Without specifics, I can only think that management is trying to curtail other types of required quotas to fill positions that perhaps are not necessary or can indeed be combined with other positions. Hey, if you are going to make accusations that your membership is trying to save their house not the second or third house that the producers have, then you better back that up. I have been a producer, and I don't own even one house. Come on, IATSE, let us know what you are fighting for, and then we can decide for ourselves if we should rightfully come to your aid!


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