Friday, June 13, 2008

Amazing Show - Red Dog Howls

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Just a quick note and recommendation. Ed is still working on his new chapters and should have them up soon. He has been finishing a new musical called "Whodunit?" and will be doing a reading of it at the York Theater on July 14th. Check out their info below. Also saw a very powerful show called "Red Dog Howls" at the El Portal last weekend. It stars Broadway great Kathleen Chalfant (Angels In America, Wit) and is about a young man who thinks he is Greek until he discovers a letter his late father wrote to his grandmother, who hid their Armenian origins. The last day to see the play is tonight!

WHODUNIT...THE MUSICAL BOOK, MUSIC AND LYRICS BY ED DIXON A wealthy spinster takes a large house in Connecticut for the summer and is joined by her surly maid and her beautiful niece who surprises everyone by bringing along a boyfriend. (Heavens!) However this isn't the only surprise awaiting the occupants of Sunnyside Cottage. The butler informs them that all the rest of the staff have quit due to "strange goings on" and before you can say Whodunit, there's a dead body in the middle of the living room... then another. This fast, breezy and tuneful period piece, set in the elegant 1930's, is a lot of laughs... and maybe a couple of screams.

Monday, July 14, 2008 • 7:30 PM

York Theatre Company 212-935-5824 x24 The Theatre at Saint Peter’s 54th Street, Just East of Lexington


Reservations are suggested. Email Jeff Landsman (please mention your name, phone number, the show you want to see, and the number of tickets you’d like) or call 212-935-5824, ext. 24. There is no admission charge.


Would YOU like to submit a show for inclusion in the Developmental Reading Series?
Our mission here at York concerns musicals only; we do not accept submissions of plays. A completed script must be submitted, as well as a sound recording of at least most of the songs. If you’d like your materials returned, you must enclose a self-addressed, postage paid envelope.
As we are one of the only theatres in the country which accepts unsolicited scripts, we receive around 400-500 scripts per year. We pride ourselves in properly evaluating each script, which takes time as we have a small staff and a loyal group of volunteer readers. It generally takes at least 6 to 12 months to get a script through our entire process.

Material should be submitted to: York Theatre Company, DEVELOPMENTAL READING SERIES, The Theatre at Saint Peter’s, 619 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10022

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