Monday, August 25, 2008

Olympics - Closing Ceremony and Educating Rita at The Colony

A busy weekend for sure.

Steph and I made the drive out to The Colony Theater to see Educating Rita. Once again, Cameron Watson did a fantastic job directly the play and the performances of Bjørn Johnson and Rebecca Mozo are terrific. Cameron and Rebecca return to The Colony with this show after the huge success of Trying last year and their reprise of the show a couple of months ago. Educating Rita runs through Sept. 21st so head on out to go see it. A very enjoyable night in the theater.

The Olympics

I have to say that the opening and closing night ceremonies were absolutely mesmerizing. The massive amount of performers and the unity and precision in which they worked was just a joy to behold. I could not help but think that we could never accomplish that in the U.S. In a culture that seems to stem from being a cog in the wheel of a larger whole vs. our culture of thinking it is all about us and immediate gratification - it just makes you wonder how long it will be before China takes over the world. If we don't get some discipline back into our lives and culture, it will be much sooner than later.

At least now I can get some sleep!


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