Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gloom and Doom on Broadway

Well it has been a while since I have posted and it is mainly because the news has been so heartbreaking about all the closings of shows. Many friends and associates are out of work and the prospect of new shows is certainly smaller in number. (Click here for the list of closings in January from

But do not lose hope! There are new shows on the way (West Side Story and Minsky's should be good) and those shows that do stay open will have less competition for their ticket prices. And maybe, just maybe, ticket prices just might start coming down - or at least producers are certainly going to have to get creative in their marketing to pry out patron's money from tightened purse strings and wallets.

But theater will rebound. It always does and the reason is this: we need it. Theater, more than any other entertainment form, has been with us from the very first storytellers were spinning their tales over the open flames near the cave dwellings. As a whole, we humans need to have both artistic expression and the communal experience of sharing our collective conscious. This challenging time will provide for an explosion in the quality of upcoming productions as we hopefully rid ourselves of the selfish consumer spend, spend, spend, morally and spiritually bankrupt society we have become. Reflection and a return to necessity will be a good dose of medicine for us all to take, and what better place to swallow your dose than in the theater!

So get writing, or get acting, or get producing, or get to the theater! It will be a powerful couple of years ahead.


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