Friday, July 24, 2009

Light in the Piazza - El Portal

Saw an absolutely wonderful production of Light in the Piazza last night. Run and go see it if you can as they only have 4 more shows this weekend before it closes. Stephanie Wall as Clara is just terrific as the slightly off daughter. Her demeanor is just perfect for the challenge of portraying an emotionally underdeveloped girl in a woman's body. Mary Donnelly Haskel who plays the mother is also a terrific actress. You can see her heartfelt struggle to stop protecting her fragile daughter and let her go into the world of the unknown. Blake McIver Ewing is also very charming as Fabrizio and the rest of the cast delivers as well.

As I sat there watching, I kept thinking, just look at what talented performers can do with rich material. After seeing so many shows where the talent is on stage but the material is just not very good - it was refreshing to see such a wonderfully crafted show embodied by a talented cast. You simply could not help but get drawn into the storytelling. That is what great theatre is all about.

Link to buy tickets to the show is here. Use the code FACEBOOK for discounts.


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