Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Prisoner of 2nd Avenue at El Portal

The Prisoner of Second Avenue at El Portal is quite enjoyable and worth checking out. It is the second show I have seen in the last few years that takes us back to the early 70's. It is amazing how many parallels come up with our current times:

  1. Long standing unpopular wars

  2. High gas prices

  3. Energy concerns

  4. Unemployment

It is fascinating to watch how relevant this play is to today. Jason Alexander is terrific and very funny. And I always love going to the theater and being surprised when you see a colleague up on the stage that you had no idea was in the cast. Ray Wills did Wonderful Town on BWay with my wife and he was a great surprise to see in the show - and very funny in his own right. He's made the move out to LA now and I wish him much luck! Glenn Casale, as aways, kept the pacing just right in his direction of this Neil Simon comedy. The show closes this weekend, so hurry on over!


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