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Interview with Jim Hindman - Miracle or 2 Productions - Liscensing and Development Company

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Just a quick break from the chapters Ed has been busy writing. Jim Hindman, Co-Executive Director of Miracle or 2 Productions, and fellow cast member from way back in The Scarlet Pimpernel, did an interview for the site while we were working on getting Fanny Hill up in Ohio. As their website says, Miracle or 2 Productions is a theatrical licensing company based on 42nd Street overlooking Times Square in New York City. They offer a wide range of options for theaters - from plays to musicals to revues. Whether you are seeking something large or small, edgy or for the family, for any time of year or for Christmas, they have the perfect show for you!

Jim is also a very talented writer and performer.

Dreampeddler: What exactly is the mission of Miracle or 2 productions?

Jim Hindman: At Miracle or 2 Productions we want to focus not only on licensing new shows, but also to take part in their development. Finding a theatre that is willing to take a risk on a title they don't know. Because we have personal relationships with these theatres, it makes it easy to talk to them and find out what their audiences want. We've even gone as far as starting a tour. This way a few theatres got to share the cost of the new show.

Dreampeddler: Why did you decide to get into the catalogue business when the 2 big ones seem to have a corner on the market? Samuel French and New Dramatists. Did you feel there were authors out there who were either being under served or completely looked over?

Jim Hindman: That's exactly why. There are so many wonderful writers out there that are not being served. This will give them a chance to have their voices heard. Again, the big companies focus on just the licensing, we focus on the development AND licensing.

Dreampeddler: How many shows that you represent have actually had stock or amateur productions?

Jim Hindman: I would say by now most of them have gotten productions. And even if the theatre 'passes' on a certain show, we can show them another one by the same author. We have also worked on Theme Park Shows that are not in our catalogue.

Dreampeddler: Do you actively seek out shows for your catalogue? And do you recommend that authors submit to you? Do you even take submissions?

Jim Hindman: Usually we ask people to email us and tell us a little bit about the show and themselves. If we are interested, we will contact them for a script. Sometimes it has less to do with their show and more to do with what we have on our plate at that time.

Deampeddler: How much Corporate Show work do you get as a percentage of the whole?

Jim Hindman: I would say the Corporate Shows are about 15% of what we do. They are always great to have because of the money they bring in.

Dreampeddler: Do you still have day job work or is Miracle or 2 the only company work you need to do now?

Jim Hindman: My 'day job' is acting in MARY POPPINS. I'm not sure I'd ever want to give that up. I actually get a lot of creative ideas and make great contacts staying in the theatre. And Ray is very busy directing around the country and in New York.

NOTE: RAY RODERICK is the other Co-Executive Director of Miracle or 2 Productions. he is also a Writer/Director/Choreographer.

Dreampeddler: Are you and Ray still actively writing your own projects? If so, tell me a little bit about them?

Jim Hindman: Yes, we are still writing. We have a show called COMING TO AMERICA - It's five short vaudeville musicals telling the stories of immigrants arriving in America at the turn of the century and how they changed our lives. We also have one called THE BIKINIS. This is about a girl group from the 60's getting together again after thirty years.

Dreampeddler: Are you performing anymore?

Jim Hindman: Aside from MARY POPPINS - Yes, I was just on LAW AND ORDER. I recently filmed a new show for television called BLUE BLOOD. I did a small part on RESCUE ME.

Thanks again, Jim. Best of luck with all your projects!

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