Thursday, January 31, 2008

Melody Moore, the new Fanny at Kalliope Stages

Here is a quick interview with Melody Moore, the new Fanny at Kalliope Stages.

Dreampeddler: Congratulations, Melody, on being cast as Fanny in the Kalliope Stage production of Fanny Hill. As the original producer of the show in New York, I know how challenging the role of Fanny is. What do you feel is the most exciting part of playing Fanny for you?

Melody: The most exciting part of playing Fanny is that this character gets quality stage time with EVERY character/actor in the show! As an actor, getting to work intimately with so many different people can challenge you and help you grow. Through Fanny I also get to portray a woman that goes through a very significant transformation. I'm very excited to bring this to life on stage!

Dreampeddler: What do you think will be the most challenging part of playing Fanny?

Melody: Ed Dixon wrote a very challenging vocal score for this character. My vocal chords are literally being stretched to places they have not gone in years!

Dreampeddler: Ed no doubt is a master at writing music that is intricate yet melodic. I think his best talents shine when he writes duets, trios and choral numbers, as he has a real talent for writing intertwining harmonic lines with multiple characters. Only in a musical can you have more than one character "speaking/singing" at the same time and still understand what is going on.

This is a return engagement for you at the Kalliope Stage having played Queenie in their last year's production of Wild Party. What is it like to work at Kalliope Stage?

Melody: I have grown more as an actress at Kalliope Stage than I have working ANYWHERE. Paul always hires amazingly talented people to be part of the Kalliope family. This includes production staff, artistic staff as well as the actors and musicians. To work with them is a privilege. He also creates a very safe space that is focused on bringing out the best in everyone. The size of the theatre is very intimate as well and it forces the actors to be truly honest in their work. There is nothing like being able to reach out and touch an audience member...literally!

Dreampeddler: I understand you live in Manhattan with your husband. Are you from Manhattan ? Are you there to pursue Musical Theater?

Melody: Yes, I live in Manhattan with my husband and our little schnauzer, Mozart. I am originally from Carbondale, Illinois where I attended Southern Illinois University and graduated with a degree in musical theatre. Yes, I am in NYC to pursue a career in musical theatre and after six years am FINALLY getting some nice juicy Broadway callbacks! I have also been taking a fantastic acting class the past three years with Craig Carnelia. My husband is a singer/songwriter and it's wonderful to be able to pursue our dreams in NYC together!

Dreampeddler: I have heard nothing but amazing things about Craig Carnelia's class. I love a lot of his music and back when I was still acting, I would sing "Diamonds" his song about baseball. Got a lot of gigs with that song. He is a wonderful talent.

Thanks again to Melody for taking the time out of her busy rehearsal schedule to answer some questions. Tomorrow is Feb. 1st and they will be down to 2 weeks before opening!

Break a leg!

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