Thursday, January 24, 2008


Although my posts have been less frequent of late, that is about to change. I have been working hard on two new projects that will be featured on the blog, and one announcement for a staged reading.

1) Behind the scenes run up to the opening of Fanny Hill in Ohio at the Kalliope Stage. Fanny's First Time in the regional theater market. Interviews are underway with the creative staff and cast. This will be a great play by play for getting a show up and running. Should be a lot of fun.

2) I will be running a new feature on the blog with my dear friend Ed Dixon. There are 2 kinds of famous people out there, one being the celebrity that is known by legions of fans and exposure but has probably had little interaction with all the people who know them, and then there are those folks that literally KNOW legions of people, have actually worked with them and interacted with them. Ed is one of these people. And the stories he can tell about all of these legions, both famous and infamous, are amazing. Well we will be sharing those stories here on the blog under the new feature, "How do you know Ed Dixon?" (working title). This will be a blast. Check out his site at

3) I interviewed DJ Salisbury in December about his upcoming project Super Chix. They will be having a performance of the piece at the Zipper Theater on February 1st. Check out the following facebook event page for more details,

See you again soon!


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