Wednesday, January 16, 2008

First Regional Production of Fanny Hill

Kalliope Stage in Cleveland will be the first regional theatre to put up Fanny Hill. I am very excited to see Fanny start getting the exposure she deserves. As one of the original producers of the show in New York, it is very rewarding to see a show that we put so much hard work and care into start to have a life of its own. Our Fanny is growing up!

If you are in the area, go to the tickets page on the Kalliope Stage website and enjoy!

Opening night is Valentine's Day, 2008, exactly 2 years after our premiere in New York City!

As producing theater is a collaborative effort, one of the ways we get Fanny Hill out there for regional productions is through Miracle or 2 Productions. They have a catalogue of shows that they represent including Fanny Hill and another of Ed Dixon's shows that I produced, Richard Cory. I am going to interview the founders of Miracle or 2 soon so they can explain exactly what it is they do and how they develop relationships with all these great regional theaters.

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