Monday, December 31, 2007

August: Osage County on Broadway and Striking 12

So I'm finishing up my time in New York for the holidays and saw August: Osage County yesterday. As the New York Times said, it truly is "THE MOST EXCITING NEW AMERICAN PLAY BROADWAY HAS SEEN IN YEARS."

It is billed as a limited engagement so if you get a chance, run over to the Imperial Theater and see this play. I cannot recommend this show enough. Simply brilliant and wonderfully acted. It is theater like this that gives me hope for the future of Broadway and reaffirms that there are artists (writers and actors and theater companies, Steppenwolf for this one) that are still devoted to thinking and producing theater that is outside of the "commercial" box. This show is no Good Vibrations, or some other weakly adapted, somewhat famous or infamous film. It is truly one of a kind and a treasure.

Am going to see another treasure this evening, the amazing and now Ovation Award winning writing and performing team in Striking 12.


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