Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Strike 2007, revisited, IATSE vs. the Writers both vs. the Producers

Just a bit more on the Writers' strike and IATSE. I'm sure you are thinking get over it, Broadway is back up and running, but that's the whole point of this post.

Back to IATSE. I wrote about both strikes a couple of weeks ago and pleaded for IATSE to put their demands into the public arena so we could decide if we wanted to support them or not. Funny, they didn't do that. And I imagine if they did, we all would have laughed them away from the bargaining table (are you kidding, you want the producers to pay for a guy who only has to raise and lower the curtain?). But they did get a deal done. And that is something.

The Writers on the other hand, did put their viral messages out there and won the PR war (63%-4% according the this post) but there is no deal on the horizon, and probably won't be anytime soon. The difference is this though... The Internet has to be dealt with and it will be. If the producers don't settle this now with the Writers, they'll have to deal with it with the Directors and if they can't get a deal with them, then they'll have to deal with the actors, who supposedly are all lined up to strike unless the Internet thing is addressed.

Well in the marketplace, it will be dealt with, and there will ultimately be a deal and settlement. Just like IATSE got their deal, the Writers' will get theirs too. I just hope it is equitable for all and that quality writing can get back to work... they've never been able to raise and lower a curtain, but they have always been able to make me laugh, think and even cry. They deserve the big bucks when they do their job right!


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