Friday, December 14, 2007

Final Question Regarding the T Fellowship

One last addition. After emailing John one more time with his answer to one of my questions, it begged for one more question:

DREAMPEDDLER: What does Hal Prince and the committee see as the biggest problem on Broadway and what is it they'd like to see changed?

JP: The big problem they're trying to tackle is that the job of the producer has evolved over the past thirty years to be primarily about the money and financing. While that's always be a key part of the job--no pay, no play, whether it's 1907 and you're Lee Shubert or it's 2007 and you're John Pinckard--the degree to which the financial side has become dominant has taken its toll on the artistic integrity of the work on Broadway. Hal's position is that Broadway, and commercial Broadway at that, has traditionally been the best of both art and commerce. That's a homeostatic balance that I think the fellowship is trying to restore.

Here's to hoping they can! My thanks again to John for his candid answers. I'll be back in NYC one week from Saturday and hope to see many shows. I'll review as many as possible.


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